We’re beginning our trial of Evanger’s dog food with EVANGER’S 12-Pack Natural Classic Beef with Chicken Supplement for Dogs, 13-Ounce canned.  I decided to use Clara as our taste tester as she is new here, I don’t have a dietary history, and I’m not yet familiar with her preferences.

The can states that the food is in “loaf form”–that’s interesting–and is packed in the US and contains no preservatives, grain, salt or fillers.  Since I scooped the food out with a spoon, I did not observe it coming out of the can formed into a loaf, but I might try that with the next one, just out of curiosity.  The aroma was pleasant; not off-putting like some canned foods can be.  I mixed some with Clara’s current food, so as to minimize any stomach upset the might occur with introducing a new food.





“Do you mind?”

Clara seemed to really like the taste.  She smelled around a bit, detecting a change from her normal meal, and dug in gleefully.


There was no digestive upset following, and her stools were normal.  I will be going through what I have in this flavor before moving on to another, to observe how she does over the course of a week or so, with two meals per day.  Stay tuned to see what Clara tries next!

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