About Me

Shannon & Rama

My love of canines started early.  My family’s breed of choice was Poodles.   When I saw The Omen as a child, instead of being frightened by the “hounds of hell” I was enraptured by the beauty of these magnificent creatures.  It was then that a passion for guarding breeds was born.  After several years owning owning and working with other guarding breeds I noticed a dog I couldn’t place at a dog show in the early 90s.  A friend identified the dog as a Cane Corso.  It would be about 15 years later that this breed would become part of my life.

Over the years my love of dogs has allowed me to enjoy several careers.  Jobs as a kennel manager, a veterinary technician, a retail associate for one of the largest pet retail companies in the country, a grooming assistant and an obedience instructor have allowed me a unique perspective on people and their relationships with dogs.  I was also blessed to be able to volunteer with therapy dogs and help in some small way to dispel myths about certain dog breeds and their capacity to serve and heal.  I’ve lectured on topics such as dog behavior, dog health and grooming, responsible dog ownership and dog bite prevention.

After a life changing series of events made me realize that life was too short not to pursue your passions, I decided to stop putting things I wanted to do on hold.  I began hiking and discovered that one of the many benefits of immersing yourself in the outdoors with dogs was a drastic improvement in mental health.  This discovery is at the core of Walks With Rama.



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