What Is Walks With Rama About?


woman with cane corso dog

Me with my girl Rama.

cane corso dog

Myself with Sassy

This blog is the continuation of my first blog about Rama (Raising Rama), which documented the process of bringing home and raising a 60 pound Cane Corso pup during one of the  most trying times of my life.  I wrote to keep my mind occupied with things other than what was going on around me at the time, and because the blog combined my love of writing, dogs and photography all in one place.  Between my trying to keep it all together, struggling with single parenthood, depression, my failed marriage and raising Rama, there were walks.

Many walks.

We took beach walks, walks in the neighborhood, walks in the woods, in the park.   I suddenly had free weekends.  I spent many of them with Rama, walking.   I needed to find some peace in my life.   In the swirling vortex of emotion that was my broken relationship, the chaos that was me trying to manage 3 kids on a daily basis without wanting to hurl myself off a bridge, I looked forward to the simple act of walking.   I began to seek out wooded trails, enjoying the silence and the ability to immerse myself in an environment that both challenged and restored me.  A pack on my back and dogs at my side (by this time Sassy had joined the family), walking through the woods became my therapy.

And how it made me feel was one of the single biggest ah-ha moments of my life.

dogs hiking in woods

Hiking a trail in Florida.

Earth has no sorrow that Earth cannot heal.  ~John Muir

hiking with dogs

Hiking the Florida Trail

In 2012 I received a call barely 2 hours after leaving my very first mammogram.   What followed was more than a few years of surgeries, doubt, dread and fighting to keep my sanity.  It was on these walks with Rama that I learned to appreciate that the world was so much more than my pain.  There was beauty and joy and importance in the bark of a tree, the song of leaves in the wind, the sound of a dog panting as she trotted along in front of me.

Studies have proven that fresh air and sunshine are needed by the human body to thrive.  Even more studies have shown the positive health effects of dogs on people.   It is my aim and the aim of this blog to promote that the two together are limitless in their healing potential by chronicling my own journey toward wellness.

This blog is about the journey through that time in my life, the process of becoming better, finding new passions and how hiking with dogs reminded me of the simpler days of my childhood, longed-for dreams and what’s really important in life.


PicMonkey Collageaboutme


woman hiker

Solo hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

hiking trail in North Wales

Hiking in North Wales, UK.

bare feet on hiking trail

Absorbing whatever I can from the trail, County Wicklow, Ireland.