The Author

Shannon has a lifetime of experience in dogs.  She grew up with Poodles, lived next door to a Rottweiler breeder (where her love of guarding breeds was born) and has spent the majority of her adult life working in the pet industry.  Having worked as a grooming assistant, dog obedience instructor, veterinary technician and as a sales associate for one of the largest pet retail corporations in the US, she has spent her life around pets.  She has participated in dog sports such as Conformation and Obedience and has been involved in rescue and rehabilitation since 1991.

She is also the mother of 3 and stepmother of 2.  Most days she wonders why she isn’t an alcoholic.  

After a double mastectomy in 2012 (followed by 5 years of complications and reconstruction) left her overweight, pre-diabetic and depressed, she decided she had to get her shit together.  She hired a personal trainer, began eating clean and making herself a priority.  She sold her minivan, bought a Jeep and discovered the joys of offroad therapy.  She began hiking, backpacking and camping with her dogs and discovered a definite connection between being in the outdoors and an improvement in overall well being.

While the end goal is to live on several acres in the middle of nowhere, she intends to squeeze in a visit to Costa Rica so she can bathe some baby sloths.

Shannon lives in Florida with her husband, children, a whole bunch of dogs, a cat, turtle, bird and fish.

The Author

The Author

Mom, hiker, dog wrangler, Jeeper, coffee lover, F bomb dropper, aspiring baby sloth bather.




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