The Author


Shannon has had a lifetime in dogs.  Having worked as a kennel manager, veterinary technician, dog obedience instructor, grooming assistant and sales associate for one of the largest retail pet chains in the US, she has a wealth of knowledge about dogs–and the pet industry in general–from which to draw.  She has bred and shown her own dogs in both Obedience and Conformation, and has over 25 years of experience in dog rescue and rehabilitation.

With a family history of depression and personal experience with PPD (Post Partum Depression) and Bi-Polar Disorder, she has long been interested in the pursuit of wellness via finding alternative ways to bring peace and balance to her life.  After undergoing a double mastectomy in 2012 and enduring 5 years of subsequent reconstructive procedures, her view of life and of herself changed.  After sinking into depression and gaining 40 pounds she began to experience a myriad of health problems and decided it was time to get a handle on things.  She began working out with a personal trainer, changed her diet and began hiking and backpacking with her dogs.  She sold her minivan and bought a Jeep.  Thus began a new way to expand her love affair with “off road therapy.”


Wheeling in Ocala, Florida.


She discovered a passion for the outdoors and the restorative power it offered.  So convinced of the connection between spending time outdoors with her dogs and physical/mental wellness, she re-branded her writing to be lifestyle-focused rather than specifically dog-focused.  Every spare minute is spent outdoors, researching human and canine gear for the outdoors, wheeling through the woods, figuring out how to spend more time outdoors and how to make a living by doing all of the aforementioned.

Shannon lives in Florida with her husband, two of their five children, a cat, a turtle, a bird, assorted fish and a whole bunch of dogs.