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Sassy is one year younger than Rama, and–like Rama–is a Cane Corso as well as a retired show dog and Therapy Dog.  Sassy retired from her show career as a Grand Champion. She is our goofy girl.  She loves hiking, digging and showing everyone her toys.


Remi is a Cane Corso and our youngest pup.  She has yet to embark on her show career, but we are sure she will do very well.  Look for her in the ring very soon!  In the meantime, she is busy being a model and learning to be an adventure dog.  She loves riding in the Jeep, being petted and tormenting the cat.


Isy (a Xoloitzcuintle) is our oldest dog.  She came to us as a rescue in 2007 at the tender age of 8 weeks.  She is the resident Boss Lady (under Mom of course) and spends her time sleeping, keeping the Corsos in line and pooping where she’s not supposed to.


Clara (a Chihuahua mix) is the second youngest pup around here.  Her former owner tried to take her to college and as you can guess, that didn’t work out so well.  Her hobbies include barking at nothing, barking at everything, making screechy yodeling screamy sounds when it’s food time, and collecting things that end up under the couch.

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The Author

The Author

Mom, hiker, dog wrangler, Jeeper, coffee lover, F bomb dropper, aspiring baby sloth bather.




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