We’re Going Tiny!

What Is Tiny Living? You may have noticed the current trend toward minimalism.  Individuals and even families are ditching big houses and possessions in favor of living tiny, with fewer things making room for more experiences.  I must admit, I am a fan.  I am at the...

Good 2 Go Vehicle Pet Ramp

I was not compensated for this post in any way and paid for the item being reviewed myself.   With the news that I have a bulging disc in my back, I've been advised not to do any lifting for a while.  This means that lazy dogs that put their front paws onto the Jeep...

Black & White Sunday Playtime

I love watching the dogs play.  It's especially nice to see Rama be so rambunctious, since she's never been one to really want to play all that much.  Remi, being a puppy, is going all the time.  Isy (10 years old) was also caught running around playing with Remi....

Implant Flipping & My Aching Back

The Case Of The Flipping Implant Spring Break has come to a close and my kids are back in school.  I wanted to go camping over the break but alas, it was not to be.  Between Easter and my latest medical malady we decided it would be better to postpone.  It's been a...

2017 Pet Blogger Challenge

It's that time of year again!  Time for the 2017 Pet Blogger Challenge, brought to you by Go Pet Friendly.  This is one of our favorite blogger challenges, as it centers around pet bloggers and what we dream for the future of our blogs.  Bloggers answer a series of...

Who’s The New Kid?

New Kid If you follow our Instagram account, you may have noticed a new face appearing in our feed about a month ago.  Little Remi  (a Cane Corso, the same breed as Rama and Sassy) has been such a joy to have here.  She very much reminds me of Rama when she was a...

Cairn Subscription Box

This is not a paid post.  I paid for my subscription and am not being reimbursed for reviewing this product.  Walks With Rama reviews products that we feel our readers would be interested in learning more about.    Adventure Delivered Right To Your Door I...

London Part 2

Abbey Road Studios We had 3 days in London.  Not anywhere near enough to see everything you really should see, but we made the best of it, I think.  One of the first things I absolutely had to see was Abbey Road Studios in Westminster.  For anyone who doesn't know the...

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The Author

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