Hiking As Therapy

Hiking is as much about finding your direction as it is knowing your direction.


Sign points to a hiking trail in woods in autumn


If you have never walked in a wooded place, it is something very spiritual.  At first your mind is cluttered with things like bills needing to be paid, appointments coming up, chores needing to be done.   As you walk, these things slowly melt away and are replaced with bigger things; your relationship, your happiness (or lack thereof), your current state of mind.

You eventually become acutely aware of the sound of your own breathing, your footfalls upon the earth, the wind on your face.  The birds and rustling leaves will surround you like a blanket of soothing sound.

Because as a mother, wife and caretaker to all of the animals here, my life is busy.  As any parent can attest–whether you work from home or out of the home–it is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life.  It changes your body, your spirit, everything.  There is always someone telling you how to do something, how you are doing things wrong, how you are not good enough in some way.  You can easily lose your entire sense of self.

I envy those that strive to do it all and seem to do it well, with their sanity intact.  I am not one of those people.  Between health issues and my regular life being a whirlwind, I completely neglected myself.  It was only until an unfavorable mammogram (my first ever) sent my life places I never imagined it would go, that I realized there was a time limit to it all.



I began to carve out time for myself.  I asked myself what I needed.  Space, outside air, sunlight and quiet time were the answers I got.  I began a local hiking group, started a Hiking Bucket List and started obedience with my dogs again.  Where my life had been all about running from this place to that, trying to be everything for everyone, I had to mandate time for myself or I felt I was just going to lose my mind.

I found that hiking with the dogs was the answer for me.  I could be outside with my 4-legged pals and not have to say a word.  The more I hiked, the more I wanted to hike further and see different trails.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a very satisfying hike in a beautiful place.  But sometimes, with the demand of daily life, I’d go long stretches without getting out on the trails.


dogs on hiking trail

Rama (r) and som Chewy (l) hiking on the Florida Trail.



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