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Our Tiny Camper Trailer Has Arrived

After much anticipation our tiny camper is home!  Built directly onto a 5 x 8 trailer, our tiny camper is reminiscent of the teardrop campers that became so popular in the 1930s-1960s.  Lightweight and able to be towed by just about any vehicle (I've seen one towed by...
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Easy DIY Camping & Road Trip Planner

Time To Get Organized Summer vacation is upon us!  Organization is the key that unlocks an easy, enjoyable trip.  With one more week until our tiny camper is finished and the kids now out of school, adventure is beckoning.  I'm determined to organize the chaos that is...
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Mental Health Awareness Month–What Does It Mean To You?

What Is Mental Health Awareness Month With the recent death of Chris Cornell, the subject of mental health has once again started discussions all across social media.  Although it was my intention to post this at the beginning of the month, the information is no less...
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We’re Going Tiny!

What Is Tiny Living? You may have noticed the current trend toward minimalism.  Individuals and even families are ditching big houses and possessions in favor of living tiny, with fewer things making room for more experiences.  I must admit, I am a fan.  I am at the...
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